Reliant Yachts | Design & Construction
Our enterprise of designing, marketing and building the world’s finest power and sailing yachts has evolved from a passion for building superior offshore yachts, tempered by over forty years of boat building experience and thousands of offshore miles.
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Design & ConstructionBEAUTIFULLY CRAFTED
Reliant Yachts have a special appeal to the discerning yachtsman who demands performance, has an eye for classic aesthetics and appreciates the straightforward functionality of deck and arrangement plans that only come with decades of yachting experience.

The modified semi displacement-V hulls of our power yachts are designed to cut through heavy seas with confidence and comfort. Beyond their superior handling characteristics, Reliant power yacht hulls are designed with substantial chines, a fine entry and modified V aft  to provide a level trim with enhanced stability in a seaway. When cruising the hull trim is noticeably more level than other performance boats where vision over the bow is impaired at speed.

Reliant sailing yachts are designed to maximize the waterline to length ratio, while maintaining classic proportions and reserve buoyancy provided by overhang at the bow and stern. The beam is carried well aft to provide enhanced off wind sailing performance and more spacious interiors. Fin keels with NASA section end plates are designed to provide impressive sailing performance and high positive stability of the vessel, without excessive draft and the additional potential mechanical and operational problems of centerboards.  High aspect spade rudders are utilized to provide superior steering control under sail and also while maneuvering in forward and in reverse under power.

Reliant Yachts utilizes the process known as cold molding. The resin used is epoxy which provides superior bonding characteristics and is not subject to water migration experienced with isothalic and orthothalic laminating resins commonly used in fiberglass boat manufacturing. Additionally the curing process of epoxy does not produce volatile and carcinogenic VOC emissions.

Mahogany veneers are saturated with the epoxy resin and laminated in multiple biased layers to produce a hull that is more impact resistant, stronger and lighter than conventional cored fiberglass laminates. This construction is not subject to water migration that many cored fiberglass hulls experience resulting in significant repair, expense and many unsuccessful brokerage sales. Additionally, this process also provides positive thermal and acoustical insulating benefits.