Reliant Yachts | The Building Facility
Our enterprise of designing, marketing and building the world’s finest power and sailing yachts has evolved from a passion for building superior offshore yachts, tempered by over forty years of boat building experience and thousands of offshore miles.
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The Building Facility

Su-Marine1Su Marine in Tuzla, Turkey dates back to more than 40 years ago. Ahmet Kesgin, one of Su’s partners, carries on a family tradition of yacht building which began with his father. The Kesgin brothers are known to have built some of Turkey’s most elegant boats as well as the country’s first composite boat.

Essential stainless steel fabrication and skilled carpentry work are never sub contracted. Keeping these key areas in-house gives Su Marine the ability to maintain a high level of quality control. Su focuses on the building of composite cold-molded yachts. From start to finish, designers, materials, workmanship and suppliers recognized as the best in the world are utiilized.

Su Marine’s 8000 square meter facility provides for an exceptionally clean, modern, well organized workshop. Features include:

  • 4 large yacht building bays.
  • 600 sq m administrative and engineering office space.
  • 180 sq m warehouse space including secure area for sensitive items.
  • 300 sq m stainless steel fabrication shop.
  • 400 sq m interior joinery workshop.
  • 100 sq m paint facility.